> Mortar blenders

Designed to continuous mixing, transportation and deposition of gypsum and lime-cement solutions, colored plaster and glues.

Quick and easy disassembly of the machine for cleaning, maintenance and transport.

Convenient for work sites where no three phase electricity.

Technical indicators:

• Total power consumption - 2250 W

• Main engine:  three-phase frequency controlled - Power 1,5 kw

• Smooth stepless speed control and reversing of the motor

• Water-cooled compressor with flow - 200 l / min

• Motor compressor - 0, 75 kW

• Sensor for water pressure monitoring

• Sensor air pressure monitoring

• Productivity of the screw pump - 12 l / min

• Power of the machine - single phase - 220 V, 50 Hz


The parameters of the machine depend on clients’ needs and requests.


Every machine has a standard 18 month warranty.

The producer provides after-warranty support for all of the machines.



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