> Shot blasting lines for sheet and shaped steel

Shot blasting method is designed to clean the rust and oil before painting on black, stainless steel and nonferrous metals. The method is applied before the application of corrosion protection and resistant coating of steel constructions.


The cameras are designed for cleaning:
Sheet iron
Large and small foundry, cast iron or steel parts


Shot blasting is carried out in several cameras:
• Tunnel cameras - for long beams, columns and tubes
• Cameras with rotating table - for small and medium parts of casting production and gas cutting
• Cameras with swivel hook on which hang the details


After shot blasting, details get natural metallic luster and texture depending on the particle size and shape (round or angular) of used shots.


Description of the cameras:
• The cameras are lined wit
h manganese steel and wear-resistant rubber
• Complete with cyclone
, filter group, fan, elevator tower and vibration sieve
• The turbines are reversible (with a power of 11 kw), with smooth frequency speed control and adjustable angle jet
• The location of the turbines may be different
• Can be installed a different number of turbines
• A
ir cleaning system -  cyclone and baghouse filter unit with a system of self-cleaning bag filters
Cleaning materials - steel shots
• Dimensions of materials designed to clean – 
by clients’ request
• Incoming and outgoing roller conveyor - 
by customer's request


The parameters of the machine depend on clients’ needs and requests.


Every machine has a standard 18 month warranty.

The producer provides after-warranty support for all of the machines.


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