> CNC controlled pipe-cutting machines

Designed for complex cutting of pipes and pipe parts with the possibility of butt welding of pipes.


The machines can be with gas or plasma torch or both.

Electric welding machine can be added for butt welding of pipes.


Main technical data and features:

 • Power supply - AC 230 V 50-60 Hz; 1 000 W

• Mode of operation - S 1

• Method of Cutting – oxy-fuel (for gas cutting machines) or plasma (with plasma cutter)

• Required gases - oxygen and LPG (for gas cutting machines) or dried and defatted air (in plasma cutting machines)

• The minimum pressure of the needed oxygen - 5,5 bar

• Maximum transport speed of the machine - 15 m / min

• Maximum cutting speed - 750 mm / min

• Maximum speed of the machine - 30 turnovers/min of the spindle

• Precision mechanics - 0, 1 mm/ m

• Interpolation - linear and circular

• Actively monitoring of Z-(vertical) axis

• Accompanying software tool is shown in the menu “software” of the site.


Every machine has a standard 18 month warranty.

The producer provides after-warranty support for all of the machines.



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