> CNC controlled gas and plasma cutting machines of sheet material

Designed for cutting of sheet material


The machines can work with plasma, gas (LPG or acetylene ) or both and can be equipped with one or more gas or plasma torches.


Grills of the machines can be:

  • Basic grill;
  • Grill with interchangeable panels
  • With sectional suction of exhaust gases (exhaust ventilation may be with a rolling bowl under the grill).


The parameters of the machine depend on clients’ needs and requests.

Main technical data and features:

• Power supply - AC 230 V 50-60 Hz; 1000 W

• Mode of operation - S 1

• Method of cutting - gas (for gas cutting machines) or plasma (with plasma cutter)

• Required gases - oxygen and LPG (for gas cutting machines) or dried and defatted air (for plasma cutting machines)

• The minimum air pressure needed - 5,5 bar

• Maximum transport speed of the machine - 15 m / min

• Maximum cutting speed - 750 mm / min

• Precision of the mechanics - 0,1 mm / m

• Interpolation - linear and circular

• Actively monitoring of   Z-(vertical)axis

• Accompanying software tool is shown in the menu "SOFTWARE" of the site


Every machine has a standard 18 month warranty.

The producer provides after-warranty support for all of the machines.




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